My Story

I am the owner and stylist of Christina Marie a Hair Boutique by Frankie. After twelve years experience in the hair industry I decided to go off on my own.  I am known for my high definition color, trendy cuts, beautiful blowouts, curly haircut and styling, gorgeous up-dos, and outstanding customer service.

I am so passionate about this industry and have done it all, from behind the chair to out on the runway. I am constantly taking new classes to learn new techniques and keep up with the latest trends, so I can achieve any look my client desires. I am a great listener, upbeat, talented, and flexible to meet all my clients’ needs. There is no greater feeling than seeing my clients feel more beautiful, more confident and knowing that I helped to make that happen.

What was your childhood icon?

Who is your favorite band?
The Beatles

Whats your natural hair color?
Blonde, but it’s been too long to tell!

How long have you been doing hair?
Since I was 3! Professionaly? since 1999

What was your first hair memory?
Teaching to myself how to french braid on my barbie doll

When did you know this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
My communion day.I used to walk past this really trendy salon all the time as a young child, and just stare in the window. They all wore black and white and had really cool haircuts, and i literally looked at them like they were celebrities. So for my communion my mom surprised me and got me and appointment to get my hair done there… I just remember looking around, watching these girls and thinking this is who I am this is what I want to do. I even studied at my first salon from the same girl who did my hair from my communion. I’m sure she found it crazy that i remembered her, but I did! I remember everything about that day.

What was your fondest stylist memory?
Vegas. hair wars 2008
YSL Fashion show 2008 Long Grove Il.

What’s a product you can’t live without?
Unlimitor Spray Wax by Goldwell

What do you specialize in?
deva curly girl cut
glam seamless extensions
fashion color
short and trendy
long and lusty
weddings and special occasions
I love it all!

Are you obsessed with any new products?

Whats your guilty pleasure?